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We’re kicking off our FUNdraiser with 24 hours of jazz programming curated by our own Jazz Director, Michael Fishman. This event is brought to you in partnership with the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation (



Join us in the Harris Hall Courtyard for an outdoor screening of Invisible War ( from Academy Award Nominated Director, Kirby Dick. Co-presented with Program Board.



TIME: 7 PM to 10 PM

We’re partnering with GZ ( to bring you some rad students bands and a bingo game with awesome prizes (free milkshakes?). We personally can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening at USC.



TIME: 12 PM to 8PM

Tune-in for 8 hours of unique, live programming from DubLab (, an internet radio station that’s exploring the possibilities of audio entertainment. There will be special giveaways, DJ sets, live performances, and more.



TIME: 12 PM to 6PM

KXSC welcomes vendors from USC and the surrounding community for our first-ever flea market! Snatch a grab bag of CDs from our Music Department, check out the wares for sale, and jam to some blissed-out Sunday afternoon beats from KXSC DJs.



TIME: 10 AM to 8PM

Celebration of KXSC and the history of student radio here at USC, from the 1950's to today!

This event will devote an entire day of programming to every period of USC student radio's diverse history. On April 16th, we will be re-airing old programming and discussing the history of the station in order to celebrate our heritage and preserve it for future generations of DJs and staff.

Hear programming from all eras of college radio and interviews from passed DJs recalling all the trials and triumphs of being a student run college radio station



TIME: 8 PM to 12 AM

Come on down to Tommy’s Place ( to see some of the best student and local bands duke it out for killer prizes. Grand prize is 5 hours of studio recording, on-air promo, and a website profile of the band. If you can’t make it in person, never fear. We’ll be broadcasting the complete battle live on air. This event is proudly co-sponsored with Spectrum (



Happy Birthday to the First Lady of Song! We’re celebrating with 24 hours of Ella Fitzgerald recordings curated by our Jazz Director, Michael Fishman. Much thanks to the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation ( for their support!



We’re partnering with Traditions ( to bring you a special Traddies & KXSC happy hour, featuring live KXSC Djs, drink specials for students over 21 years-old, and food specials for all ages!



Come watch KXSC play a friendly tournament of kickball with other college stations (KXLU, UCLA, KSPC) while our sports DJs give a live play-by-play on-air.



Tune in for two weeks of 24 hour programming by our beloved DJs!

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"LA Murder Hotel"

poni hoax I find it really hard to listen to something from Europe -- France in particular -- with a negative bias against the music. They've got too good a track record, and while there's plenty of junk coming out of the country, that sexy foreign style overrides any let downs I experience. Maybe I should be more judgmental, but hey, my current outlook only opens me up to a more diverse range of styles and genres. And Poni Hoax does a pretty good job of covering up their intrinsic French-ness, I must say, so I was a little surprised to read that they hail from Paris. Listening to their stuff is indeed confounding, though ... traces of kraut-rock throughout, hints of a love for DEVO, and an obvious desire to be tacked on some DFA-released mix (sometimes I feel like Nicolas channels Alex Kapranos). While all of their tracks have their own unique characteristic -- "She's On the Radio" being their whacked-out electroclash tune and "Budapest" being their stylish, moody and atmospheric dance track, for example -- there's something uniting about everything. The sultry vocals, the smooth synth lines, the crisp, bouncy guitars and bass lines, the layering of a surprising number of melodies and hooks ... They've got their stuff together. Listen to additional songs of their on their MySpace page.

Poni Hoax - L.A. Murder Hotel

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Hallways of Shatterproof Glass

uncle bob Robert Pollard has been cranking out rock/pop gems for a long time now and he just doesn't seem capable of slowing down. As the principle member of Guided by Voices, Pollard wrote and recorded so many catchy 2-minute songs that standard LPs just weren't enough for him. A lot of his best tracks instead found their way onto EP's or big box sets that contained unreleased demos and outtakes. In addition to GBV's staggering output (check allmusic if you don't believe me because "prolific" is an understatement here), Pollard has been recording and releasing albums under either his own name or under a variety of one-time side projects. Since the official disbanding of guided By Voices in 2004, Uncle Bob Pollard has released two legitimate solo albums. From a Compound Eye came out January of this year and featured a double-album's worth of Pollard's musical experiments. This week marks the release of his second solo album since the end of GBV and Normal Happiness delivers the short, catchy rock n' roll songs that Guided By Voices fans have come to know and love. "Supernatural Car Lover" is one of my favorite tracks because it features the kind of catchy, bouncy guitar that just feels good. You can listen to the track here. In other Pollard related news, indie rockers ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail Of Dead have chosen to cover the Guided By Voices track "The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory" for their upcoming LP So Divided. if you're a GBV fan like me then this is exciting news because not only is this particular track from the miraculous Bee Thousand but it's an absolute lo-fi classic!

Guided By Voices - The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
The eerie vocals, the white noise, the bombastic harmonizing and that strange whistle form a track that can only be described as distorted prog-rock. The Trail Of Dead version is cleaned up but captures the spirit of the original well and even features a dramatic reverberating final organ chord that would do Uncle Bob proud. So Divided drops on November 14. trail of dead has a stream of the Trail Of Dead version:
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail Of Dead - The Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory (scroll down)

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Suicide Is Bittersweet

Lady & bird A side project from the duo of singer/songwriter Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannson (lead singer of Iceland's Bang Gang), this all-too-short concept album (38 minutes) is about two children inhabiting the bodies of grown-ups, and not wanting to go back, only to realize the whole thing was in their minds. Exploring musical roots from Lou Reed’s "Stephanie Says" and an airy rendition of "Suicide is Painless", the theme song from M*A*S*H*, this album is both beautiful in how it experiments musically and how it incorporates eerie yet silly and amusing vocals that somehow evoke both pleasure and discomfort in the listener. The Duo presents a series of simple songs strung together by a few interludes that abuse the effects of pitch shifting and reverb to create youthful voices. From beginning to end, Lady & Bird is both light and dark mixed together, it's soft and warm, coarse and delicate. If you are at all familiar with Keren Ann you are familiar with her delicate sounding voice that fuses well with Bardi who also has a smooth but deeper voice, which offsets Keren's surprisingly well. Moments in the album can get almost scary as the two vocalists explore ghost-like, trippy ranges with soft and disconcerting musical accompaniment. An overall emotional roller coaster, this album demands attention through its bittersweet lyrics, eerie vocals, and painfully delicate music. By digressing into a mellower area of the indie-pop sub-genre Lady & Bird explore a level of intensity that tends to be ignored. You can listen to tracks from the album at the band's myspace page:

Lady & Bird Myspace

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"Rejector" Rejected

of montreal What a lot of people don't realize about Of Montreal is that the group started out as a pseudo-solo project of Kevin Barnes. For the first couple of albums, Barnes was clearly the key songwriter, and his band's lineup was constantly changing. Although the members rotated, Barnes kept his sound pretty steady for the first seven or eight years of his musical career: Of Montreal's tunes were the bedroom recording versions of the Beach Boys gone twee. And then Satanic Panic In the Attic rolled around in 2004 and [sort of] surprised everyone. The record was solid and had much more of a focus on production than the previous efforts. And there were more traces of ... dance on the thing! That made everyone excited for a while. 2005's Sunlandic Twins was a let down. Barnes and his band mates took the dance thing too far and made the songs too glossy for their own good. They were boring in the most astounding and flashy way conceivable. Next year's Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer looks like it too will be disappointing. Barnes' voice has gotten loopier and goofier, psych guitar melodies are increasingly being replaced by predictable pop riffs, and potentially interesting bridges and choruses are washed away in a sea of distortion and echo. Too much, I say. But judge for yourself ... "She's A Rejector" is the best song from the forthcoming release. Revel in it's mediocrity.

Of Montreal - She's A Rejector

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