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* Thermometer includes grants and matching donations.



We’re kicking off our FUNdraiser with 24 hours of jazz programming curated by our own Jazz Director, Michael Fishman. This event is brought to you in partnership with the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation (



Join us in the Harris Hall Courtyard for an outdoor screening of Invisible War ( from Academy Award Nominated Director, Kirby Dick. Co-presented with Program Board.



TIME: 7 PM to 10 PM

We’re partnering with GZ ( to bring you some rad students bands and a bingo game with awesome prizes (free milkshakes?). We personally can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening at USC.



TIME: 12 PM to 8PM

Tune-in for 8 hours of unique, live programming from DubLab (, an internet radio station that’s exploring the possibilities of audio entertainment. There will be special giveaways, DJ sets, live performances, and more.



TIME: 12 PM to 6PM

KXSC welcomes vendors from USC and the surrounding community for our first-ever flea market! Snatch a grab bag of CDs from our Music Department, check out the wares for sale, and jam to some blissed-out Sunday afternoon beats from KXSC DJs.



TIME: 10 AM to 8PM

Celebration of KXSC and the history of student radio here at USC, from the 1950's to today!

This event will devote an entire day of programming to every period of USC student radio's diverse history. On April 16th, we will be re-airing old programming and discussing the history of the station in order to celebrate our heritage and preserve it for future generations of DJs and staff.

Hear programming from all eras of college radio and interviews from passed DJs recalling all the trials and triumphs of being a student run college radio station



TIME: 8 PM to 12 AM

Come on down to Tommy’s Place ( to see some of the best student and local bands duke it out for killer prizes. Grand prize is 5 hours of studio recording, on-air promo, and a website profile of the band. If you can’t make it in person, never fear. We’ll be broadcasting the complete battle live on air. This event is proudly co-sponsored with Spectrum (



Happy Birthday to the First Lady of Song! We’re celebrating with 24 hours of Ella Fitzgerald recordings curated by our Jazz Director, Michael Fishman. Much thanks to the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation ( for their support!



We’re partnering with Traditions ( to bring you a special Traddies & KXSC happy hour, featuring live KXSC Djs, drink specials for students over 21 years-old, and food specials for all ages!



Come watch KXSC play a friendly tournament of kickball with other college stations (KXLU, UCLA, KSPC) while our sports DJs give a live play-by-play on-air.



Tune in for two weeks of 24 hour programming by our beloved DJs!

Listen Live!

Featured Artist: Jennifer James Wright

I'm pleased to introduce LA-based, Santa Fe-bound painter and printmaker Jennifer James Wright. She has a knack for creating whimsical and expressive illustrations that expose a childlike, literary reality. I asked her about her favorite music artists and their significance. She said, "Music is pretty crucial when I'm trying to get into the creative frame of mind--moments where one idea bursts into a million, and that creative way of thinking completely takes over for a bit." Of her own perspective about "elevated" art, Wright says, "Smart design/art is what really catches me. When I can immediately recognize a smart solution in some sort of art piece, that's what really sinks in, or what I'd consider 'elevated.'" Ogle on the Bandwidth front page, or hit up Wright's site for more.

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Morning After at Doughboys

Dough Soup

If you wake up on Saturday morning and find yourself saying that you’ll never drink again, head to Doughboys on 8136 West 3rd Street. There you’ll find salvation in the form of some good, hearty breakfast.

The menu is packed with mouth watering plates that beg you to indulge yourself such as the Stuffed French Toast ($8.25) which has two long slices of bread filled with cream cheese (who would’ve thought???) and strawberry jam all clipped in egg batter then grilled, or the Scrapple with Dirty Eggs ($8.75) that has the most amazing pan-fried grits. They mix the grits with braised pork making this patty of healthy eating (right) worthy of being microwave leftovers.

There’s much more on their menu but for the hungover, there’s really no point in going through everything. Best to stick to the easy and dependable, the Doughboys Breakfast ($8) which includes a cup of much needed coffee, glass of OJ (for that health of yours you care about so much) and your choice of a made-that-morning muffin, scone or croissant.

Perhaps the only downside of Doughboys is the wait. A popular spot since its 1992 opening, Doughboys might as well institute a Disneyland FastPass system to help control its lines. My suggestion is to call them and ask them to put your name down for an inside table the moment you can roll over to your night stand and dial. By the time you pull yourself from your bed, and bathroom, find a parking spot and make your way through the zoo of people waiting, your table should be ready.

Suggested music for when you almost face-plant into your eggs: Oliver Future Modest Mouse Bloc Party Doughboys

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Morning After at T on Fairfax

It’s there when you wake up, hungover from the happy hour turn drinking marathon from the night before. It’s there when you realize that there is a guy sleeping next to you and that the reason why he’s there is probably best figured out over some logic inducing, secret revealing grease food with the girls. It’s brunch in the City of Angels. In this series, I’m going to take you on a journey across this massive concrete jungle, looking for the best “Morning After.� One of the newest additions to the LA brunch scene, T on Fairfax is a lovely delight just down the street from Canters (one of the few 24 hours joints) and across from Largo (where Jon Brion likes to perform while you eat) and the Dime (also known as the place where Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan like to thrown down the best “I hate you for no reason stares�). A small outside patio filled by screenwriters, students and moms with strollers, guards the front entrance. The minimal effects of a bland exterior design, large glass door, makes this a place to detox and enjoy yourself or your company. Small tables lined both sides of the large room. The tall ceiling allows for the sense of calm and the soft white walls also increase the size of the room. Complementing the green plaid cushions are dark brown wooden chairs, each with customized carvings of ivy like designs. It's calming, which really helps when you're in the middle of figuring out whether or not your one night stand is going to turn into a second. There’s ample seating for your party of four and then some, but take note: find a seat first, then go up to the counter to order. The menu lists over 100 black, oolong, pu-erh (a Chinese tea that comes in “bricks�), green, white and herbal teas. And for the people who know nothing about tea except that it’s what grandma drinks, there’s a short explanation under each section in the menu explaining the differences as well as a brief description of each tea flavor. Of course, if reading is too much trouble, asking the nice lady behind the counter will do just fine as well. In addition to their teas, the menu also offers sandwiches, salads, other beverages (coffee too) and desserts. Most of the items on the menu are organic and use ingredients like “artisan breads� but the fancy descriptions don’t dent the prices. The average plate is about $8 which includes the sandwich and your choice of a side salad served on a large, white square plate. Overall, the experience at T on Fairfax is a pleasant one. With the calm atmosphere and a nice plate of food with a pot of strong, invigorating tea to bring you out of the dehydration and disorientation, T on Fairfax is a good place to discuss everything you missed from the night before. And just in case you’re still trying to find an excuse not to go, you know that that guy you woke up with, probably won’t follow you there. Artists to bring in case your friends are still sleeping off their hangover: Ray LaMontagne Lily Allen Serge Gainsbourg Beck Nick Drake

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Troubador Ballads

Troubador, the hometown bar with a not-too-shabby stage, hosted a sold-out concert featuring Teddy Geiger. Opener Alexa Ray Joel was followed by Holly Brook, known for her work with Fort Minor (Mike Shinoda) on “Where’d You Go�. Brook’s sweet, innocent voice washed over the audience like a rolling tide with mellow guitar strings and piano chords. Nevertheless, her sober lyrics are driven by poignant words and vehemence. Brook’s debut album “Like Blood Like Honey� is a definite must have. Holly Brook The enveloping trance left by Brook’s dreamlike ballads was soon disrupted by screaming high school girls as Geiger and band took the stage. Energy increased; the personal ambiance of Troubadour was augmented as audience members sang Geiger’s lyrics along with him. Between songs, Geiger exchanged in sophisticated yet playful banter with the audience and interjected many dry humorous comments. At one point some crazed chick, a drooling high school girl no doubt, screamed “Take it off!� Geiger’s rebuttal to the infamous cliché was a raised eyebrow and a coy “Inappropriate�. teddygeiger Teddy Geiger, the young songwriter/musician whom some would crudely throw into the maelstrom of “pop�…ehem Itunes…emerged in early 2006 with his debut album Underage Thinking. Despite puerile lyrics, the serene melodies and intimate whispers confidently realize the adult contemporary genre and leave the listener grasping for the fading embers of Geiger’s raspy vocals. His emergent sound is similar to that of John Mayer and Five for Fighting. Geiger’s Troubador performance met the standard of talent exhibited by Underage Thinking, if the album was not surpassed by Geiger’s personal human touch and live vocals of a more solid, virile nature. To all Geiger’s fans unable to attend, the concert was certainly not to disappoint. Check out this native New Yorker at his interactive website, Teddy Geiger Music. After the performance, I was lucky enough to score an interview session (and autographs and pictures) with the talented Holly Brook. Thoroughly pleased with her personable presence and gracious acceptance of an impromptu interview, I asked her what motivates her each time she sets forth on stage. She claims that her music is a catharsis, her “diary place where I get off my frustrations�. Brook hopes that, if her music can console her, perhaps it will serve as a soothing reassurance for others as well. Her musical inspiration evolves from 60s and 70s songwriters and notable names such as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Death Cab for Cutie. For further information on Holly Brook and for streaming audio tracks, visit her website at Holly Brook Music.

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